Friday, March 4, 2011

Please Do Not Steal From Me, I promise I will share.

I have recently picked up a few new hobbies. One being amateur photography, two editing those pictures and three learning how to do it all is a hobby in it self! 

 I have always loved taking pictures of everyone around me, never really liked having pictures taken of myself thought. That is until I realized that I wasn't in any of them. How were there ever going to be memories of me if I didn't allow someone to take my pictures? So I now have more pictures with Tamara than I do "with" my first born son. Maybe it's my age but I like to enjoy the memories of the moments. 

This year with the help of my Husband I want to have a picture of me and as many Facebook Friends as possible. 

So I started the year off with a Big Bang! I was off and rolling got a lot of pictures at different family events all the month of January. 
Then it happened...

My pictures were no longer my pictures they were on other peoples posts and pages and tags everywhere except where I had put them! So I took them all down {except for ones with Johnny and Tamara} 

One family member decided she was going to question my decision about sharing my pictures~

Okay People, I take the picture because I enjoy it, I share them because I love everyone that I take a picture of. Please don’t take them and try and pass them off as ours. It is just RUDE.
            February 10 at 5:26pm 
?Robison What the heck are you talking about?
            February 10 at 6:34pm
Cindy Cooper ‎??
            February 10 at 10:28pm
DivaCowgirl  She means don't post the pics as your own on your page and untag her from them.
            February 18 at 6:24pm
Cindy Cooper Oh ok I get it... I totally understand!! I HATE when people do that crap to me to!!
            February 18 at 7:04pm
?Robison Wow. Isn't it called sharing? Play nice Kim.
            February 19 at 11:51am
Kimberley Robison Yes ?Robison I was "sharing" that is why I posted them, to share… But a lot of MY pictures were taken from me and are being passed off as other peoples and I feel it is rude.
            February 19 at 1:41pm
?Robison So I can actually take a pic from u?
            February 19 at 2:42pm
?Robison I think it was me. Good reason though, it's complicated. I am Still kind of new to Facebook too. So sorry didn't mean to do all that! Lol. Wow, everyone just calm down! Haha guess that means I'm not your favorite sister n law anymore? I'm devastated!
            February 19 at 2:52pm

Now although she did so sincerely appolgize to me here she posted this just a few days later on her facebook page after she posted some pictures at her boyfriends dinner ~ 

?Robison Share and share alike! If anyone wants to take my pictures and own them........GO FOR IT! I don't mind and I never will. Life is too short.
            February 27 at 8:54pm
Ron Robison That's why we didn't get an invite
            February 27 at 9:15pm

I don't know what to do or not to do it because it is Ron's family and I really do not want him to lose anyone else, but this whole thing has really hurt me.

So now I have an even bigger challage on my hands because I really want a lot of those pictures up. I have been researching and trying to pick a web site that "does" pictures like the one here on google - picasa 3 or windows live photo but it is a lot of work and for what? 

Really what am I doing all this work for? Nobody out there cares about my pictures but me! Just Kidding I know there are a few people...

So between that and going through and editing the hundreds of pictures from Sissy's Softball and David's Baseball I have quite a task on my hands.

I think my new water maker will be @atruemom what do think?

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