Thursday, March 10, 2011


I am now in my ninth month of College, more than half way through my first year. Wow where has all the time went? I know everyone says that but I really mean it, where has all the time went? Getting up and doing my school work as just become a way of life now. I have organized it into my days just like anything else. I can remember nine months ago when I was so scared to even start much less even think of finishing someday. 

Although nine months ago I was working a bit more than I am now, and my wallet is starting to feel that difference, but I'm just not getting the calls for work like I use too. I don't understand that because I am one of the most qualified subs the district has. 

I miss it, I miss getting up and going to work and feeling like I am contributing to the family finances instead of just taking from them. But maybe someday after I have my degree I will be able to get a better job than a school district sub. Maybe...

Other than that I have to say things are pretty good right now. My twins are getting ready to finish the 8th grade, my oldest son finally has a job and has paid off all his tickets, got his license back, and is finally back on track. My husband is good, back to coaching baseball again. 

I have enjoyed cooking a lot more lately because it seems when ever I do more people show up to eat it. There really isn't a more pleasurable thing for a Mom than seeing a house full of kids, family and friends full from what ever you have fed them and sitting around enjoying each others company. Ron and I have been so blessed with so many young people in our lives and it just fills my heart to have them here and apart of our everyday lives. 

There really is never enough hours in a day to get everything done that needs to be done, I have  just decided to enjoy everything that I am doing and everyone I am doing it with. 

It makes me a little sad to think how fast the next fours years are going to fly by, and I will be sitting here blogging about the twins graduating from High School. I really really want to enjoy every moment of it, I want us to stop and smell the flowers, take it all in and look up, so that we can remember it all! 

This next week is the unofficial official start of my daughter starting High School. As of March 14th she has Cheerleading Tryouts. And then they graduate 8th Grade in May and David starts Football in June. It is all so exciting I can't wait, the events, the games, the dances, the ups the downs, all of it! I do not want to forgot a second of the adventure we are about to embark on. 

Update as of 3-18-2011 ~ She made the TEAM!!!!!

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